Berlin is for lovers


Berlin is for Lovers  


After five years in New York City, Nora Randall faces the Southern Girl Dilemma -- does she migrate back to Texas like the rest of her sorority sisters, marry a nice guy from college, and set up with the life expected of her? 

Or... Does Nora say yes to a leap-of-faith job opportunity in Berlin? 

She doesn't speak German. She only knows one person there. She was about to quit her job anyway. Yet, Nora can't say no to living abroad. 

BERLIN IS FOR LOVERS follows Nora's fish-out-of-water adventure in East Berlin. Part European love triangle, part tribute to female friendships, and part millennial corporate fairytale, Nora's journey showcases the multi-faceted lives we all struggle to juggle. Before Nora can figure out her life, though, she must first discover who she wants to be.  

BERLIN IS FOR LOVERS is a fun, funny romantic comedy reminiscent of the 90s classics screenwriter Rachel Upshaw grew up watching.

While we're hustling to finance the movie,  

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