Berlin is for lovers

Love Specs

Berlin is for Love Specs

Berlin is for Love Specs


Berlin is for Lovers + Love Specs

100% of the proceeds go to Love Support Unite, a Malawi-based organization that's revolutionizing local sustainable community solutions. 

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Love Specs aren't just heart-shaped sunglasses, they're magic! The top lens is lined with holograms, transforming every speck of light into a heart! Perfect for a music festival or whenever you need an afternoon pick-me-up at your desk. 

Berlin is for Lovers isn't just a movie, it's a mindset. We want to spread joy and make you smile, but more importantly, we're committed to fueling the future of storytelling with love, equality, opportunity, and passion. That's why we choose to support Love Specs.

Everybody wins is our mantra, even for our swag :)