Berlin is for lovers


Nora Randall

28. Born, raised, and educated in Texas. In school she was a high-performing, over-achiever. But six years into her Sex and the City pilgrimage to New York, she's floundering. Quarter Life Crisis hit her hard. She still hasn't totally recovered. Suffers from binge-eating disorder. At her best, extremely magnetic. At her worst, a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. In the market for a new adventure to get her out of her rut. 

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28. Nora's best-friend-since-middle-school. Smart. High school prom queen. Former semi-professional ballerina sidelined with an injury who turned a temp-job into a career in personal finance for high-net-worth individuals. That's how she met her fiancé Brian,managing his parents' portfolio. About to get her M.B.A. from Columbia. If they weren't such good friends, Nora would have a hard time being happy for her. (She just makes it look so easy.) 


49. Bavarian. Never married, but feels divorced. Looking for love but might settle for a funny fling. Good business instincts, but even better emotional ones. Enjoys mentoring younger women professionally - and can't help but like for some of their youth to rub off on her. 

Spiros Metropolis

36. Greek Ex Pat. Left his motherland to attend Uni in England 18 years ago, but maintains his capricious Greek emotions as a connection with his people. Handsome. Direct. Loyal.

Dietrich Otto

38. German. Hipster. Hater of the Internet. Three Master's Degrees. Zero jobs. Comes from a mummy with money. Assumes it's the woman's duty to provide for her family. 


30. Sinister dimples. Like Jim from The Office, only evil. Drunk on the ease with which he can make people do things for him.


26. Pregnant. A My-Little-Pony personified. Pink hair. Waif-ish punk. Sweeter than cotton candy (but 100% Natural Organic, or Bio as they say in Germany). 


32. British Ex Pat. Cut-throat competitive. Not afraid to tell you how she worked her way from a cruise ship docking village to Oxford using every - and she does mean every - asset she has. Ulla's original mentee. Knows how to play ALL the games.